Nikola Vujovic from Lift Foils about the new LIFT3 F series

This year the LIFT FOILS are releasing their 3 new products. The first one has just been introduced at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf. So we’ve decided to talk with the representatives of the company to find out about the new LIFT3 F series of e-foils and figure out what to expect next. Our interviewee is Nikola Vujovic - the Sales Representative of the company for Italy and South East Europe and an experienced surfer.

Fibreglass and lower price

- Nikola, can you tell us about the new line of eFoils - what are the innovations in the LIFT3 F series?

- Yes. This year we did a lot of implementation on our products. Our first new board has just been presented at the Dusseldorf Boot Show (at the end of January 2023) so it's the New LIFT3 F. This is a new fibreglass board offered in two sizes - 4.9” (70 liters) and the 5.4”(88 liters), both already available on market. This fibreglass board mounts a 28” aluminium mast and with our V2 Wings that were introduced into the market last year. You can choose the board in two different colours - Sunset Beach or Iceberg Blue and mount the new FRP propeller.
The reason why we adopted aluminium mast and polymer propeller instead of our standard carbon fiber mast and aluminium propeller is not only because of the market price but also in order to offer the board that is more resistant for schools, so this line is mainly dedicated to schools and/or beginners.This board can live for hours under the sunshine but of course without any battery inside!!


One of the advantages of the aluminium mast is the cost and durability (the price for the LIFT3 F starts from $8.995 - February 2023). The carbon will be a little bit lighter though. But coming back to the key point - I would say that what we need in this sport is to have a board which is resistant, durable, and also we have to save some cost. It was an obligatory way to improve the board.

Changing the propeller we moved from the aluminium to the new polypropylene material specially designed for us; we also did some improvement on the cone to optimise the flow and the propulsion on water.

Another important matter is that all our boards have interchangeable components. I mean, this board come out with the aluminium must, but if you have another Lift board with a carbon mast, it can be exchanged and the same is for all our wings and batteries, and it doesn't matter what generation of Lift you have or it tomorrow you want to buy some new components.

The LIFT3 F can be ordered with our 200” or 250” V2 front Wings and 38” or 48” back wing.

- So you can adjust the LIFT3 to yourself, right? like “I want this wing and this size of the board” etc.

- Yes, exactly. You can do what you want, you can choose any kind of configuration but when ordering the LIFT3 F (fiberglass) the configuration is fixed. We offer one size aluminium mast and two front and back wings sizes. A part, you can add and use any kind of V2 or High Aspect front wings or back wings.


Packaging and exchangeable components

- Another interesting detail about the LIFT3 F is that starting from this line we’ve changed the way we pack our accessories and wings. Normally, we used to have bubbled plastic to pack some of our items but now, we are trying to eliminate plastic and use different packaging - plastic free materials to cover our products during the shipping. So we try to save the planet, at least do our small part on that.

- That's great and also very important! And well, as we continue our conversation about LIFT3 F, I wanted to ask about some other LIFT3 F specs - what is the ride time of this model?

- The ride time is the same as for our other boards. So we are offering the possibility to have 2 different batteries on board. One is up to 60 minutes ride (and 60 min fast recharge), and the other one is up to 100 minutes (same time recharge time).

- And what about the maximum speed for the LIFT3 F? Is it the same as for the previous models?

- Yes, we're talking about 50 km/h based on your ability, board size and rider.

- And what’s the weight of the LIFT3 F eFoils?

- It will be a little bit heavier than the LIFT3 full carbon because of the materials, and also it depends on the battery you will use. Including the battery, we talk about 30 kg for the 4.9” eFoils (with one hour light battery) and 33 kg mounting the full range battery (two hours). The 5.4” eFoil, including one hour battery is around 31 kg and approximately 34 kg with full range battery (2 hours). So you have 4 different weights.
- And if we compare the weight with the LIFT3 series?

- So it will be 700 gr less for the board for the 4.9” and around one 1.2 kg less for the 5.4” board.

- And the shape of the board is the same, right?

- Yes, correct. Shape and design are the same and the same is the technology and quality.

- Also, you were talking about the fact that all the components are exchangeable for the LIFT Foil products…

- Yes, starting from LIFT1 to LIFT3, all components can be exchanged.

- And can you change them by yourself?

- Yes, absolutely. If you bought a board two years ago, for example, and you want to change your wing, all grafts are the same, even with our Classic masts (non electric). The mast is fixed to the board with four screws, and wings to the mast with two screws.. It’s very easy to mount and dismount your board. So that's also an advantage; if you want to store your eFoil in the car, on the boat, in the garage, it would take around 10 minutes to get it done.

- Are there any changes in the hand controller for the LIFT3 F?

- We did some software improvements, but the shape of the hand controller is the same; software updates are available for all our electronic components; hand controller, ebox and battery by our LiftFoils App.

LIFT4 and LIFT4 Elite

- So, to sum up, the LIFT Foils is introducing three new products this year: LIFT3 F, the new LIFT4 and LIFT4 ELITE, right?

- Yes, at the Boot in Dusseldorf we revealed the New LIFT3 F, on March 1st we will unveil the New LIFT4 in Dubai and at the end of March, the LIFT4 ELITE is being released at the Palm Spring Boat Show. It will be game Changing Performance Improvements. Performance doesn’t just mean increased efficiency or flying faster. It means equipment operating in silence, getting out of your head and into flow. Longevity & Safety were increased - we performed a part-by-part audit and made improvements throughout the Lift eFoil system to ensure each session is enjoyable, long-lasting and hassle-free. The new batteries starting with the LIFT4 and new eBoxes are built with a focus on safety and reliability. Updates throughout the product make it tougher, more resilient, and more reliable. Stay tuned on

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