How to choose your first jetboard

A motorized surfboard is not just an ordinary commodity, but an expensive device which will serve you for many years. That’s why you need to consider many aspects when choosing a jetboard. Here are some tips for you on how to make the right decision and buy the best jetsurf, which will bring you vivid emotions and fresh feelings.

  • Buy a jetboard only from well-known shops, factories or dealers. As a rule, it’s better to pay a little bit more money for a good product, rather than buy a cheap rip-off of a jetsurf. The market is full of low-qualified jetboards that look pretty the same as the original products, but in reality may break during its first use. So, buy nice or pay twice.

  • Don’t choose first-generation jetboards. Of course, they cost less than the latest jetboards models, but lose in their characteristics. Max speed, acceleration, board weight, design and convenience of old jetsurfs definitely differ from the newest jetsurfs performance.

  • Pay attention to pre-order terms. The pre-order by itself is a totally normal process, as sometimes a preferable jetboard may be out of stock. In addition, the pre-order function usually gives a sale for a product that allows you to save some money. But look out for the pre-order period: it shouldn’t be longer than half a year. Avoid a risky deal, when a seller asks you to pay right now for the board which will be constructed only in a year. In this case, there is a high possibility that you’ll never see your jetboard and won’t get the money back.

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  • Decide on the type of jetboard to buy. You should decide in advance which one is better for you: petrol board or eSurf. Weigh up all the pros and cons of both jetboards. Simply put, gas-powered boards are perfect for racings, as they are quite light, highly maneuverable, really fast and can be transported by plane. At the same time, riding a gasoline board is prohibited in many areas because of the negative impact of petrol on the environment. Speaking of electric jetboards, such devices are also pretty powerful, noiseless, easy to use and maintain. In addition, they don’t pollute neither water nor air: that’s why eSurfs are allowed almost everywhere. However, you can’t take an electric surf on a board, it’s only possible if you ship the battery separately (e.g., by DHL).

  • Consider your weight and physical form. A jetboard should perfectly fit you in all the parameters. If you have a solid and sturdy build, then it’s better to choose a big powerful jetboard like Lampuga, Raddin, Waterwolf models, etc. And fast extreme boards by Jetsurf, Mako, Esurf are ideal for a slender person.

  • Think about your purpose of riding a jetboard: whether you're looking for adrenaline or just fun. Pick up a surfboard focusing on your wishes and expectations. For casual use you can buy a jetboard, which is easy to operate, and that doesn't need a great physical shape to ride it. For example, Carver X, Radinn, Lampuga, Torque, Curf, Waterwolf and others. If you’re seeking for speed, sharp turns and tricks, then look at fast and lightweight jetboards by Jetsurf, Mako, Esurf, Ravik Awake, etc.

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