Asian invasion: Pegasus, who never made it to the market

In 2019 users had noticed a new brand promoting their efoil product - South Korea-based Pegasus (technically, “Pegasus was born in Singapore but houses cutting edge technology developed in Korea”). The company has remained silent since 2020, however leaving  considerable hype and plenty of technical info. Today we’d like to to do a little research on all the the data that is known about Pegasus and learn what happened to it.

The first message on the forum appeared in April of 2019. By that time Pegasus had already launched their website, that contained promotional videos and impressive specs.

The presented efoil prototype had strict minimalist design presented in black, red and blue colors, boasting anodizing coating for motors, propellers and accessories that provided protection from scratches and corrosion. Then went along with promises of also using UV protective coating of the hull in order prevent discoloration; aircraft-grade aluminum to minimise water resistance and increase aerodynamics; and carbon fibre for extra durability.

The specs also drew some interest - up to 90 minutes of surfing with top speed of 40 km/h is an impressive statement for 2019. The company didn't announce total weight of the product, but was obviously very proud of their battery technology, provided by the local manufacturer INCELL (see more info here) - lithium-ion cells on base of Samsung SDINR18650-35E (3.6V/33350mAh). 

Controller prototype shows color-supporting display, but nothing really substantial.

What delighted surfers the most was the modular assembly system with no use of screws of bolts whatsoever, just plugging in the parts - which was relatively rare at the moment.

And the same attention was drawn to the hatch position that was located on the bottom of the board, which some users found weird, and some very smart due too better isolation and cooling.

The price was set to be surprisingly democratic - $7,500, taking into account the declared quality level.

Unfortunately, no one had the chance to test it as the company stopped replying to inquiries about pre-orders and updating their social media in the late 2019.

The website is still active in 2022, but no word about the plans or future of Pegasus.

Too bad, the build up was pretty promising - and we will keep an eye on the brand to let you know if Pegasus turns into Phooenix and ressurects one day.

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