Fliteboard to introduce new e-foils

January is rich in product innovation in the market of motosurfing - firstly, The Düsseldorf International Boat Show took place last week, where industry leaders gathered and presented their products - we are also going to tell you about them soon. However some companies introduced new products and product lines even before the show. The Australian company Fliteboard has recently released their new line of e-foils.

The company introduced Fliteboard Series 3, on January 19th. And in this series, there are indeed a lot of fascinating brand new features, so let's talk about them in particular.

Interchangeable propulsion system: jet/propeller

fliteboard_series_3 (1).jpg

Perhaps the most significant and unique novelty is this interchangeable propulsions system. It allows you to change Fliteboard Jet to propeller or vice versa in a few seconds without any special tools required.

So now with the Fliteboard you have three propulsion solutions available: the jet, the True Glide (a free spinning propeller designed especially for catching waves) and a standard propeller. Some people like the safety and smoothness of jet-riding, some would prefer the maximum efficiency of the propeller or the opportunity to surf waves with the True Glide. With Dual Drive you can easily choose the most convenient propulsion system depending on riding conditions and your own preferences.

New features

In addition to the dual system, the e-foils of this series have many other new features.
  • Nano battery (the smallest and the lightest e-foil battery in the market)
  • New model - Ultra L Board
  • 3 materials to choose from (Carbon, Carbon Classic, Fiberglass) and different colors
  • Long 80cm mast
  • Silicone protectors
  • New Cruiser Jet Wings
  • Now available for up to 120 kg rider weight
The lightest e-foil

Another highlight of the Flite Series 3 release is the debut of the Fliteboard ULTRA L e-foil with the ultra-light Flitecell Nano Lithium-Ion battery (6.2 kg), which is touted as "the world's lightest" for e-foils and gives you up to 45 minutes of foil time.
This model comes standard with the 80cm mast, True Glide propeller and Flitecell Nano. The ULTRA L is intended, in particular, for surfing on the waves. The total weight with the Nano battery is only 22.5 kg, which makes this model the lightest eFoil on the market at the moment (Flite Ultra is 23,5 kg). The Fliteboard Ultra is available in golden colour.

Battery and materials

Now you can choose not only one of the 4 board sizes (Air, Fliteboard - Standard, Pro and Ultra), but also the material. There are 3 various materials - Fiberglass, Carbon Classic and Carbon. The cheapest option would be with the Fiberglass, Carbon Classic would add about 500 € to the initial price and the Carbon +2000 €.

fliteboard_series_3 (11).png

And the battery is currently available in 3 sizes - Nano, Sport and Explore. If you are fond of long rides, then get the Explore battery, because you could ride for 2 hours or even more with this one. But if you want to be more maneuverable and explore the waves, then you would need a smaller battery that also costs less. With the Sport one you ride up to 90 minutes, with the Nano it will be around 45 minutes. The standard version of the Fliteboard Series 3 boards is now equipped with the medium-size battery - the Sport.

fliteboard_series_3 (10).png

New wings

Together with the implementation of the jet propulsion on the Fliteboard Series 3 a new line of wings was implemented too. The Cruiser Jet wings provide more lift for maximum efficiency and stability. The rounded wingtips are meant to provide more safety. The Fliteboard Series 3 Cruiser Jet wings come in 2 sizes (1500 or 1800 square centimeters). They are designed specifically for jet propulsion.

80 cm long mast

In addition to the standard 75 cm mast and 60 cm beginner mast, the company has created a longer 80 cm mast. A longer mast allows you to ride bigger waves, move more smoothly in rough seas and allows you to make sharper turns. The long 80 cm mast is available as an accessory. It is only included with the Ultra L models.

fliteboard_series_3 (7).png

In conclusion we would like to add that the Series 3 e-foils are available in a great variety of new and “standard” colours (bronze, gold, green and coral matte, silver gloss, ash etc).
The price for the Series 3 varies depending on the model/size/battery/accessories etc you choose. The Ultra L model (standard set) will cost about 13.200 € and The Ultra is around 12.300 € (prices for January 2023).
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