Flitescooter: who is it for?

This summer, one of the largest manufacturers of e-foils, Australian Flite, pleased fans of the industry and surfing with a motor with its unusual new product - Flitescooter. The key idea in creating this “scooter” was to teach people how to ride an e-foil as quickly and easily as possible, so they added removable handlebars to the board.

Flite, by the way, is far from being the first company trying to make e-foil riding more convenient and easier for newcomers to this sport and inexperienced novices. Previously, similar attempts had already been made by companies such as Awake (Vinga S model) and Lift (Lift3 series which was also released this year). But the Australians went even further and added handlebars in the middle of the board, for balance.

The Electrek quotes the company founder and CEO David Trewern about the new product: “Since I developed the first Fliteboard prototype back in 2018, I have been working on ways to encourage my wife to join me on the water. Flitescooter is the solution. It’s so easy and forgiving to learn, yet offers similar thrills to Fliteboarding”.

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In detail

The Flitescooter is a combination of an e-foil and an electric water scooter. When moving, the wing creates hydrodynamic lift and allows you to soar above the water, and handlebars provide high stability for the surfer. Once riders have sharpened their skills on the Flitescooter with its handlebars, the latter can be removed, so the board turns into a regular e-foil without any "training handlebars”.

The board itself is quite large, so it gives the riders more stability which is essential at the first stage of learning.

The Flitescooter is positioned as a quiet and environmentally friendly entry-level water transport. The model is perfect for both calm cruising and extreme entertainment on the water.

The Flitescooter features all the main innovations developed by Flite:

  • Fully enclosed jet propulsion system
  • Detachable Flite controller
  • Marine grade Flitecell
  • Fly zone g-fencing
  • Wireless safety Key
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The Flitescooter has a 6-cm mast and it’s available in two colours: silver and oyster (pinkish brown). The standard package includes Flite Sport battery which provides you with up to 90 minutes of riding time on a single charge. The optional battery is Flite Explore (+ 1000 euro approx.) with which you can ride up to 150 minutes. The standard charger will charge your board in 3 hours, and the optional one - the Fast charger will do it in 2 hours (+500 euro approx.).

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The price for the Flitescooter itself starts at 12600 €. The board is equipped with the Flites’s largest and most stable wings - the Cruiser 1800 wings. The board is designed for the riders weighing up to 120 kg, and the Fliescooter itself weighs 28 kg + battery (Sport battery +11 kg, Explore +14.5 kg)
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