Into the world of E-Sup

Today we will talk about another motorized type of water activity - stand-up surfing with a motor. Going beyond traditional stand-up surfing, electric SUP has significantly expanded the geography and popularity of this type of water activity. And this is not surprising. To catch a sea wave or conquer a mountain river, you need many years of training and excellent physical form. At the same time, anyone and at any age can ride on an electric SUP board.

Why do you need a motorized SUP board? For example, if there are strong waves in the sea, if you want to go far, taking into account your strengths, if you need to get somewhere faster, combine regular paddling with the motorized one. The paddle board motor will carry you through even if the wind and the current are strong. Some electric SUPs may also be suitable for tandem paddle tours and fishing expeditions.

If you are looking for a motorized paddle board, you have two options:

1. you can install a motor on your SUP board, or
2. you can buy a SUP board with a built-in jet

The main advantage of buying a conversion kit is that you can choose almost any SUP surfboard. There are 2 main types of SUP motors - a rear mount-on motor and fin based motors. The fin based SUP motor can be installed practically on any board with Plug-in or US fin boxes. Also if you buy a SUP motor separately, then you can use it on several boards sharing it with your friends or family. A significant drawback for the boards with installed motors is that the motor creates unnecessary drag and collects debris.

E-SUPs with fully integrated motors are heavier than some of the lightest boards with fin-based motors, but they offer great battery autonomy (with possible upgrades) and zero drag. The central position holds a steady course and improves the board's balance, so the board is easier to use and handle. The drawback of E-SUPs will be their price, it is much higher than in the case of add-on variations.

SUP motors

Cheap models of SUP motors have a propeller, so they are usually very bulky. That is why the water resistance will be very high if you want to use the paddle board without the engine running. Cheap models are available from €400 on Amazon. Higher quality, better motors like the Scubajet cost from about €1100 euros, but they don't have these problems.

E-Sup’s manufacturers and key models



This company was founded by Sebastjan Sitar who created the world's first e-driven, self-inflatable SUP-boards after “his wife and daughter nearly got carried away by strong currents while paddling”.
“When you go out with a SUP, you don’t think about winds or currents too much… And that thinking can get you in trouble. Also, people have different physical capabilities and paddling can be a different experience for a child, an adult or an elderly. The motor is there to help you”, - says Sebastjan Sitar.
SipaBoards has manufactured a lot of various models. We can mention here some of their key e-SUP models:

SIPA Drive Neo. This is the lightest board of SipaBoards. It is a perfect fit for beginners and light paddlers. “Equipped with carry handles and a carrying strap it is easy to transport, making it a great fit for young paddlers”. The SipaDrive is powered by 144 Wh a battery in a watertight case, offering 1-4 hours of operation and speeds up to 5km/h. Its price is about €1900-2200.

SIPA Drive Tourer. It is faster, lighter and longer than other Drive Collection models, this spear-headed SUP will glide through streams wherever you take it. The extended waterline allows the SipaDrive to develop up to 7 km/h. The price is about €2200-2600.

SIPA Drive All Rounder. This board offers supreme balance, without sacrificing any ride characteristics. “Paddle alone, in groups, with a toddler or a light traveler, or your dog”. This e-Sup offers 1-4 hours of operation with speeds up to 5km/h. €2200-2600.


This company is known for their jetboards and electric surfboards. They also produce e-SUPs. The battery and motor are completely enclosed in the board, as we have seen with the SipaBoards. This means that you can use the electric SUP with the engine off as there is no external propeller causing resistance.


Up-to date models are:

The iSUP Electric. The company introduces this board as an “inflatable paddle board that we have turned into an inflatable luxury Jet Board that all the family will love”. The 3 modes of the app/smartwatch offer speeds at 6 km/h, 8.5 km/h and 11 km/h. The board can be used in excess of 2 hours when varying the speeds as you travel around. Its price is around €3200-3500.

The Striker Jet Electric. It is versatile, agile and super comfortable. The extra length (305 cm) and width (97 cm) provide excellent stability when moving around for casting rods. The Striker Jet Electric is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 adults. With the speed of 6 km/h, for example, the board will take you on a trip for up to 5 hours.The price is around € 3900.

The Gromjet Jetboard. “Gromjet” comes from the word Grommet, which is the slang for a young surfer under the age of 16 years.
“Our Gromjet is just that, a jetboard or motorized surfboard that is built to cater to the young riders”. The inflatable soft deck is versatile but yet extremely strong and durable.
The board has the rope handle connected to the front nose of the board for extra stability and turning power. The speeds will vary with the different weight riders. With a rider of 60kg, it can reach around 15 km/h, so the younger smaller kids will reach enough speed to have a lot of fun and be very safe in the meantime. The battery will last around 1 hour of use, in some cases with mixed speeds the battery will last up to 2 hours.
It is available in lots of colours - yellow, red, purple, black, orange, blue and green. The price is around € 3 700.

Onean Manta


The Onean introduces this product as "designed for those who want to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of taking long tours or excursions." It is an ideal board for all levels of paddle boarders, its wide shape provides excellent stability on the water.
“Possessing a low speed on calm water (from 8 to 10 km/h), the board has excellent controllability and perfectly enters into turns. Professionals note that the board is quite predictable in handling, which makes it an excellent choice for the beginners. For those who already have some experience, it will be interesting to try out the Manta model on a big wave - it is considered the safest and fastest in stormy conditions among all the boards”. The price is around € 7 450.


A SUP with a motor is suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can ride a SUP lying, sitting or standing. Some e-SUP models are characterized by increased rigidity, which allows you to ride them in pairs. A SUP board with a motor is a great option if you want to ride on a lake or in the sea and so on, but it can also be used for other purposes - for fishing, for family rides or even as a transport to get to an island from your boat.

E-SUPs are perfect for enjoying nature at the speed of 5-10 km/h. However, they can not be compared to traditional jetboards. If you are more into sports and speed riding (30-60 km/h), you should go for a jetboard/e-foil.
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