Onean X: a board for 90+ kg riders

Today we will review an electric board that will suit riders weighing 90+ kg. This is the board from the Basque Country (Spain) “Onean Carver X”. It is perhaps one of the best options for the 90+ kg riders in terms of price and quality - a board like this will cost you about 12.500 € now (March 2023).

Onean boards

The Onean e-surfboards from Spain are owned by the Aquila (Bizintek Engineering & Product Design spin off company). The company is based in the North of Spain, in Bilbao and it has been developing electric surfboards since 2013. In 2015 the company released its first two models - the Manta and the Carver. As such, this company is the oldest electric surfboard manufacturer still on the market that has been able to supply products in high volumes.

The Manta is aimed at families. It is safe (the maximum speed is 10 km/h and 6 hours of battery life) and a big board (230 cm long and 90 cm wide) which turns it into a perfect e-surf for your kids and the whole family. It is also a great option if you prefer to relax on the water.

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In 2020 the company introduced one more model - the Twin. It has got 2 jet engines and 1 battery, so it became a board that can serve riders for up to 90 kg. It’s much faster than the Manta - the maximum speed for the Twin is 30 km/h.

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But now let’s talk about another model - the Onean X.

Onean X features

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This board was introduced in 2018, and it is powered by 2 jet engines and it has 2 batteries. The 10kW power can handle riders weighing over 100kg too. As you can see, unlike the Twin model, the X model also has 2 batteries instead of one, and it is 2 times more powerful. According to the manufacturers, the riding time is 15 minutes longer than for the Twin and it is up to 40-45 minutes. The charging time for the battery is around 2.5 h and you’ve got 2 chargers to charge both batteries simultaneously.

The maximum speed for a 75kg rider is promised to be 45 km/h. A heavier rider will accelerate to a more moderate speed, around 35 km/h.

The size of the board is 240cm*70cm (the same as for the Twin model), but it’s slightly heavier (due to the second battery) - 23 kg vs 20 kg. It weighs 18 kg without the batteries.

Summing up, we can say that the Onean X is a great choice for heavy riders or for those who want a powerful e-surf for a reasonable price.

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