Our top picks for 2022 so far

2022 is halfway through, so we decided to rank a few picks for the year so far. Please mind, this one is not about choosing the ultimate product, but rather highlighting what we think deserves your attention.

By unanimous decision, we kick off with Awake VINGA.
The newest instalment from Awake, VINGA has become available for customers just a month ago, and has already earned a reputation of a great pick for smooth, relaxed riding.

Visually the efoil continues the industrial design vibe that Awake is known for. Minimalist, with carbon elements, and not too colourful.

VINGA is one of only two efoils, that uses a fully shielded jet drive for propulsion (the other one would be Audi E-Tron by Aerofoils, but we’ll get to that later).

Two types of batteries can be used - SR for 80 minutes, and XR for 120. Awake is known for their Flex Battery technology that allows using the same batteries for any of their products.

As for the wings, two options are available: Powder 1350 for riders under 80 kg, and Powder 1800 for those who are a bit heavier.

VINGA uses the same controller as other Awake products, it’s comfy enough and provides 3 riding modes. The only thing you might need to get used to is accelerating with your thumb.

The best part about VINGA is that it’s super easy to assemble, so you don’t need to do it in advance and then haul it to the water. It’s almost plug-and-play level.

The price is expectedly high - the cheapest config is €12 900 for the foil, SR battery, Powder 1350 wing, hand controller, key leash, and chargers.

The second jet drive based efoil - Audi E-Tron by Aerofoils.
Pitched as the safest efoil in the world, this one is an interesting collab of Aerofoils and Audi.

With a simple two colour design E-tron is focusing more on the idea of implementing cutting edge technologies, from zero emission to being super quiet. The mast and the wings are also made of carbon fibre, the foil builds up the speed of 50mph and comes in two volume options - a 105 litre for everyone, and a smaller 83 litre for more experienced riders.E-tron offers a smart 10 speed controller and adjustable throttle.

The range capacity is 120 minutes or 40 km, and the weight is only 32 kg including the battery which is pretty impressive.

So, practically it’s like a private jet that you can surf. And it costs accordingly - €14 870 excluding the shipping.

Okay, now let’s get to the jetboards - Lampuga’s updated Air
Classic 2020 product from Germany based Lampuga got rereleased in 2022. A solid model, Air, doesn’t really provide any revolutionary innovations, mostly improving on the impressive basis that received warm reception among the riders and engineers alike.
First thing you’d probably notice - the boards soft hull is inflatable, it weights around 50 kg when assembled. That sounds pretty heavy, but considering the 200 litre volume, 230 cm length and 75 cm width, really isn’t. It makes Air 2022 easy to ride and a perfect choice to built your skill.

The renewed board shows great balance between speed and battery consumption. Lampuga promises up to 45 minutes of riding with thrust about 50 km/h, and it can be fully recharged in 120 minutes.

Air 2022 comes in 6 different colour options for any taste - from formula red and banana yellow to strict grey and black tones.

The set will cost you €13 679, which is a fair price for such a quality device.

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