Board for long rides: Adventure DFI Plus

JetSurf's Adventure DFI Plus is the only board you can ride for 3 hours without a break or recharging. Therefore, if you like to spend half a day on the waves, this model is a super option for you. We will tell you more about the features of this model and the new technologies applied here.

The only board with the alternator


The key innovative feature of the Adventure DFI Plus is a small generator built into the board hull. This means that you can ride as much as you want, without needing to recharge at all. The only thing you need for a ride is fuel. And you have a rational solution for this too - the board has a compartment for an additional canister.
The alternator makes this board slightly heavier than the Adventure DFI - 20 kg vs 22,5 kg of the Adventure DFI Plus.

Key characteristics


  • This board comes with the JetSurf Adventure rack. It allows you to add an extra fuel tank and a duffel bag to make your trip significantly longer. With the external fuel tank, this gives you about 180 minutes of cruising time. Fuel tank attaches with a clip to the front part of the board. It doesn’t take up much space or interfere with the location of the rider's legs. When necessary, you can easily detach it from the board and replenish the supply of gasoline. The rack also allows you to place a spacious (15 liters) waterproof bag where you can put everything you need: gadgets, water, some snacks and so on.
  • There are also ratchet straps and pad adjusters, these two things are meant to make your ride more comfortable.
  • The shape of the hull is more square and wider which makes it more stable on the water.
  • The board comes in a travel bag with wheels. The bag is padded, which makes it very comfortable and safe. So when you fly somewhere on vacation, you can take your board with you on the plane and it won’t be damaged during transportation.
  • The maximum speed is 55 km/h.

New features: intake screen, silencer and more


Everyone knows that the sound of a two-stroke engine is quite loud, but the silencer here greatly reduces the noise and makes it totally normal.
This board comes with an intake screen. It helps to protect your jet pump from all the dirt and seaweed.
FCS fins system is used on this board. This is a super easy quick on quick off system, which completely removes the annoying part of screwing the fence into the board.
This board is also compatible with the jet surf tube, which makes it much easier to learn how to ride the board, it’s like training wheels.
The price for the board is around € 17 300.

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