Scubajet Hybridboard: e-Foil + e-Surf

We promised to tell you about the most interesting new boards and devices presented at the Boot exhibition in Dusseldorf at the end of January 2023. And here is one of them, perhaps the most fascinating and impressive - a hybrid board by the Austrian company Scubajet.

The Scubajet is a company specializing in the production of water sport motors which can be used underwater - for diving, freediving and snorkeling, and overwater - for stand-up paddling, swimming, canoeing or kayaking.

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But this time they went further and created not just a motor, but a brand new product for their company - a board which combines e-Foil and e-Surf. The company believes that “choosing between an e-foil and an e-surf board is a thing of the past”.

“E-foiling and e-surfing are two different passions of mine, and I don’t want to miss out on either. The Hybridboard solves exactly this problem. Setting up, dismantling, or stowing away the Hybridboard is extremely easy with our exclusive and brand-new Quick Release System”, SCUBAJET CEO Armin Kundigraber says.

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Let's see if everything really works so simply and what the Austrian manufacturer offers us.

It seems that assembly and disassembly of the hybrid board is really convenient and simple - you won’t need any tools for that. A similar quick release system had been introduced before by Awake - their Vinga e-Foil can also be assembled and disassembled really fast, within 30 seconds, and no special tools are required.

The new thing from the Scubajet is that you can also change the motor and wings without tools, not just to dismantle the mast.

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Another novelty of this hybrid board is about the batteries - this board can run on both one or two batteries, which allows it to adjust and regulate range and weight.

Board characteristics

The Scubajet Hybridboard is fashioned from carbon fiber, it is 174 cm long and 63 cm wide (68.5 x 24.8 in), its weight is 11.5 kg (25.35 lb) without battery pack (in e-Foil mode with battery it weighs 36 kg).
Inside the board, there are slots for two 1.7kWh battery modules, each weighing 10kg (22lbs), giving you up to three hours of e-Foiling (1.5 hours with one battery, 3 hours with 2 batteries) or 40 minutes of electric surfing on a single charge. The charging time is 3.5h.

The maximum speed for the e-Foil is pretty decent - up to 50 km/h (31 mph), while the e-Surfl is less powerful and it can accelerate only up to around 40-45 km/h (25-28 mph) - in this sense, it loses to standard, non-hybrid jet-boards.

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When used as an e-Surf, the jet capsule is attached to the board directly. And when the board functions as an e-Foil, the Scubajet propulsion capsule is mounted to the mast along with a High Aspect Wing for minimal water drag.

Apple Watch or SCUBAJET remote

Another interesting thing is that users can either put on the Scubajet wearable remote or use the Apple Watch Ultra as a dashboard. In any case, a manual wireless trigger controls the speed, and cruise control is enabled for fixed speeds.

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Price and availability

The official price for an all-in-one hybrid board is about €15,800, the price for either the e-Foil or e-Surf configuration is the same - around €12,620.

The Hybridboard was presented for the first time at the end of January in Dusseldorf, during the Boot Show. According to the official website of the company, the SCUBAJET Performance Series will be available in July 2023. As suggested there - now you can make a deposit and secure your SCUBAJET Performance Series products in time for summer.

Photos by Scubajet
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