Sea-Doo is to enter the efoil market with the Rise

Sea-Doo is to enter the efoil market with the Rise

One of the major Canadian manufacturers of jet-skis Sea-Doo is about to join the world of moto surfing and e-foiling as the company announced its very first electric hydrofoil board. To be fair, the announcement was made quite a long time ago - last year, but the board is expected to be released only in August of 2024. The model is called The Rise.

Unique features

The Rise appears to be quite a large board. Large boards are usually designed to make the game easier for the newbies, and they can be pretty boring for those who have already mastered their skills. But according to the manufacturer, this board will suit riders of different skill levels due to some of the new features this board has.

For example, unlike most eFoils, the Rise model will have a folding, retractable handlebar. Beginners can lift, extend and use this bar for extra stability, while experienced riders can leave it lying flat in a recess in the deck. This retractable handlebar makes riding even easier than on other big size electric hydrofoil beginner boards.


Apart from the retractable handlebar, there is also a possibility to remove the mast/ the wing and use the Rise as an electric surfboard without foils, so one can ride on the surface of water without lifting, which is pretty similar to an electric stand-up jet ski.


Target audience

Another interesting feature of this board is that its foil can be partially or fully deployed to allow lower and higher flight above water. While seasoned riders might scoff a bit at this approach, it could open up a lot of new opportunities for the rental market. Learning to ride traditional eFoils takes a great deal of time and practice, but this board takes beginners step by step from easy to difficult.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what the Sea-Doo team comes up with. We are waiting for their new product for summer 2024, and new products from other brands at exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Dusseldorf and others - the schedule of shows and exhibitions is already on our website.
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