SEABOB - your underwater scooter

If you are fond of not only motosurfing, but also other water activities and sports, then this article is especially for you. Today we will talk about another cool water device - the German underwater scooter SEABOB. With this scooter you can glide on the surface of the water, as well as dive, explore hidden caves and the stunning underwater world. This is a fairly compact and convenient device, perhaps one of the best and most modern on the market.

The SEABOB project belongs to the German company Cayago AG, which has been producing this type of equipment since 1996. The idea was to create an underwater scooter that would be simple and easy to operate, and could be used by both professionals and amateurs.

SEABOB: how to use?

The SEABOB is a small, handy device measuring just over 1m long (1152 x 507 x 372 mm full dimensions) and weighing around 29-34 kg depending on the model. When you move, you need to hold on to the two handles on the sides of the scooter. With these handles, you can direct SEABOB in the right way, controlling it. To switch modes, Piezo buttons are placed on the handle. The location of the buttons under the thumbs does not weaken the grip of the hands when pressing the buttons.
The front panel has a TFT colour screen that displays the selected power mode, depth, temperature and battery charge control. Two headlights are located in the bow, allowing you to illuminate the path and even use it at night.
You can dive to the depth of up to 40 m, covering distances up to 20 km on a single battery charge. At a depth below the selected limit by more than 2.5 m, an emergency shutdown of the engine is triggered.

Design and special features

SEABOB is made in a sporty-racing style, due to its streamlined, hydrodynamic forms, SEABOB quickly accelerates, and control is carried out by changes in body position. This allows the driver to perform sharp turns, deepening and resurfacing.
The device is set in motion by a jet stream of a water cannon, due to which objects and plants are excluded from entering the propeller, as well as possible injuries.
As we have already noted, SEABOB has fairly compact dimensions and weight - and this allows it to be transported in any car. At the same time, under water, its weight is reduced to 10 kg. This optimally balances the total mass and buoyancy of the water, creating a weightless effect at any depth.



The company offers 3 models both in standard and special versions.

SEABOB F5: light and handy

This is the lightest underwater scooter in the range (29 kg).
With such a light weight, the machine develops a force of 480 newtons. This low weight performance provides extreme mobility in the water. SEABOB F5 will cope equally well with any type of water body: sea, river or pool.

It has 4 power levels. When moving on the surface, it reaches the maximum speed of 14 km / h, and underwater - 13 km / h.
The engine is powered by two lightweight batteries, which provide up to 50 minutes of continuous movement. The battery is fully charged in 8 hours. Optional fast charging – 1.5 hours.
Price: from € 9 650

F5 S - the golden mean

This is a more powerful scooter with an electric motor capable of generating thrust up to 680 Newtons, which allows it to accelerate underwater up to 18 km/h, and on the surface up to 20 km/h. The E-Jet Power System is controlled here in 6 power levels.
Also, the F5 S has built-in more capacious batteries, due to which the riding time has been increased to 1 hour. Its weight is slightly higher - 34 kg, but when immersed, it is light and very maneuverable.
Price: from € 12 750

SEABOB F5 SR: the most powerful + HD cameras

This is the most powerful scooter in the range, with a maximum thrust of 745 N. By implementing the E-Jet Power System technology with increased power and the same batteries as the previous SEABOB F5 SR, this scooter can move for 1 hour without stopping.

In the latest modification, the F5 SR has 2 stabilizing fins, due to which it has become more maneuverable and more stable at maximum speed.
Its maximum speed on the water surface is up to 22 km / h, and underwater up to 20 km / h. This engine power is controlled in 7 power levels.

The Seabob F5 SR also has 2 Full HD underwater cameras. One of them is located in the bow, and the second is built into the screen and allows you to take selfies right during the dive. All the captured photo and video material is stored in the built-in memory, and it can be transferred to any mobile device via the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Price: around € 17 500.
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