Taking care of the battery

One of the most important (and expensive) parts of you jetboard is its battery. How you take care of it greatly determines its lifespan and the quality of your riding experience - so today our engineer Mario will share some basic rules on how tto take care of your battery. He fixes tons of boards, you can trust him on that one.

The most important part - read the manual and follow it. Skipping the users guide is the number one reason of all malfunctions. Charging time, voltage and current strength are always listed in the manual of every device, as well as on all chargers.

So, our recommendations:


  • Charge your battery in a dry, ventilated area.

  • Check all the contacts of the battery, charger and the connected device (esurf, hydrofoil, etc) every time you connect them.

  • In case of detecting contacts oxidation, try to clean it of - using a suitable contact cleaner. If it is impossible to clean the contacts or if traces of carbon are found, do not use the device and contact your service department.

  • Stick to maintaining a full charging cycle - from zero charge to fully charged, without interrupting the process.

  • Check whether the battery does not overheat when charging. At the end of charging, allow the battery to cool down to room temperature before using the board.


  • It is better to transport your battery when it’s totally empty.


Store the battery at 60-80% of charge and check the level when it’s not being used.

That’s it for the batteries - next time we’ll discuss the preparation process and taking care of your device after the ride.

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