The most anticipated products 2023!

The most anticipated products 2023!

Before the start of a new year and a new season, let's take a quick look at the most exciting products in the world of water sports and foiling that have just entered the market or will be available in 2023. Today we will be talking about Manta5's new hydrofoil bike, Takuma's eTow, Neocean's electric 'flying craft' and more.

eTow by Takuma

Announced as a self-controlled watercraft, Takuma’s eTow is a truly unique and new product that has never been on the market before.
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What is this watercraft about? First of all it is a radio controlled boat for foil towing, as The Takuma originally specializes in foiling equipment. For its capabilities, the eTow is a fairly compact device. Its weight is 50 kg (75 with 2 batteries) and the dimensions are 175 x 67 x 60cm, so that it can be easily transported in a trailer, or even in the cabin, if your car is large.

This self-controlled watercraft can tow you anyway you want. The maximum speed is 45 km/30 miles per hour. If you use it just for foiling the riding time can be up to 2 hours.
“The idea was to create a best friend” - say the representatives of The Takuma company. “You can just go by yourself and ride waves, ride on flat water. Originally it was created for foiling but with “all the other applications that came, you can use it for surfing, wakeboarding and so on, to pull your kids around and even to go diving”.

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Talking about safety - it is designed with optimized proportions to self-right automatically in case of capsizing. If you ride a wave, you can direct the eTow with your remote to come and pick you up. The suggested retail price is about $16,000 or €15,000. The company expects to do the first deliveries at the end of January 2023.

New hydrofoil bike by Manta5


The creators of the world's first hydrofoil bike, the Hydrofoiler XE-1 (2017) are introducing a new model, the Manta5 Hydrofoil SL3. It is a water-going e-bike, which operates in a very similar manner as a pedal-assisted e-bike. The company claims that learning to ride the SL3 is as easy as riding a bike, and that beginners can learn to ride the SL3 in as little as 40 minutes. This is mainly due to the “easy launch technology” which automatically keeps the SL3 afloat when you mount it.

This e-bike is powered by a 2500W electric motor allowing the machine to reach a top speed of 12 miles/19,3 km per hour. Its frame consists of a monocoque chassis with the Fixed Chord foil that keeps SL3 upright and afloat even when stationary. The bike has a trigger throttle that you use to accelerate and 10 levels of assist depending on your skill level.

The SL3 features toolless quick connection points for easy assembly and transport to the water, so you don't need a trailer to transport it, you can put it in the car trunk. When assembled, it measures 2,2 x 2 x 1,4 m, and weighs up to 40 kg, depending on the type of foils and battery pack fitted.
There are three models available - the SL3, SL3+, and SL3 Pro - with the base model having a 600 Wh lithium-ion battery (3h charging time), and the other two having 1,000 Wh battery packs (5h charging times).
The total ride time for all the models is 4.5 hours, which the designers claim is “the longest ride duration of any e-foiling product on the market today”. The bike will be available early in 2023.

Overboat F by Neocean

overboat foiler (9).jpg

A new watercraft - Overboat Series F was presented by this French company at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival. The Overboat F series is “an electric catamaran-like ski that comes with retractable hydrofoils or an electric flying boat, as Neocean puts it”.

Unlike the flagship C Series model, retractable, inverted T-shape hydrofoils have been added to the new model that lift the sit-atop watercraft above the waves which makes the ride smoother and more stable, and increases the speed. The F series has two models - 100 and 150. The OVB 100F is single seated, while the OVB 150F is double seated and more powerful. Compared to other Overboat models, the 150F is intended for professional use: it’s faster, sportier than the 100F. The Overboat 150F offers top speeds of 20 knots (23 miles / 37 km per hour). The Overboat F150 is powered by a 10-kWh battery pack, whilst the smaller F100 has a 5.7-kWh battery pack.

The F-series Overboat can be controlled remotely like a drone, making it very useful for search and rescue or covert missions. The company emphasizes the maneuverability and stability of this water craft, even when operating in unmanned mode.

The price for the F series starts at around €30,000 and goes up to €35,000 ($34,700) depending on the model and so on. Neocean's C Series boats start at €14,158 ($14,000). “For an additional fee, you can also get add-ons such as a carbon fiber body upgrade, a starter cart, or a trailer.”

According to the latest information, Neocean's products will be exhibited at the Dusseldorf boat show.

In brief

Fliteboard is going to present new e-foils, Fliteboard Series 3. Before the official release there’s still little information about these e-foils, but it’s known that there will be updates on colors, engines, and how it works.
The company will also participate at the Dusseldorf boat show.
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