YuJet - now in Europe

A few years ago YuJet entered the market of electric jetboards. Designed in the US and manufactured in China, for a couple of years YuJet was only available in those two countries. With a new office in Barcelona and plans to expand to Germany, now they are also shipping to Europe too - and it is about time for us to see what they have to offer.

Overall, Yujet Surfer electric jetboard is a solid midcarder, which is also one of it’s selling points. Top speed is around 42 km/h, riding time is about 40 minutes out of an hour and a half of charging. Yujet Surfer relies on plug-and-play assembly solution, so there is no need to connect the wires or anything else technically complicated. All this makes this product more of a family friendly choice, something for beginners to start with rather than adrenaline fueled radicals urging to push the limits.

Controller is also of certain interest: it’s just massive, colourful and comfy.

Another attractive part about is the price - it’s comparatively low for the current market conditions. Basic Yujet Surfer is $8,999.

Good to see a new player on the market that is not taking himself too serious - as the website states, 

“Introducing every kid's dream and the 21st century's version of a midlife crisis... The YuJet Surfer”.

To sum it up it’s a floaty, massive device that doesn’t demand any special skill to ride safely. Check out this review by Jetsurf Nation:

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