Jet Jam Racing

Jet Jam creates the most entertaining family-fun you can find on a beach. World-class Pro Riders showcase amazing speed and technical abilities while amateur riders have a place to strut their stuff and learn from the best. Jet Jam is a family participation event with both kid and adult events on the water and on the beach.

Personal Watercraft come either stock or custom depending on the rider and the event. The skis are transported to each event with some racers having more than one ski as they ride throughout the world. Professional racers either transport their machines to each race or, when racing throughout the world, ship their skis in large containers to the destination. Races are worldwide with the best riders travelling to the Middle East, Thailand, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. Personal Watercraft Racing is world wide and growing.

The “Stand-Up” Professional Riders race in excess of 70 mph and the long distance “Run-About” Professional Riders” exceed 90 mph making for exciting and adrenaline fueled racing. Each rider chooses the brand of machine to ride and there are mechanics who specialize in certain brands. Professional riders are often sponsored by a certain brand of machine and mechanics. A few of the professional riders choose to work on their own machines, so they know what to expect as they ride.

​ World Champion Riders at Jet Jam compete for titles and personal glory while amateur riders finds a proving ground to test their abilities.