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The first stage of The UIM Motosurf World Championship took place in the capital of Germany from 26th to 28th of May. There were 102 racers coming from 20 countries. The race program included 6 categories - Juniors, Stock, Rookies, Women, Open and Electric Challenge.
26-28 may 2023

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Nikola Vujovic from Lift Foils about the new LIFT3 F series
This year the LIFT FOILS are releasing their 3 new products. The first one has just been introduced at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf. So we’ve decided to talk with the representatives of the company to find out about the new LIFT3 F series of e-foils and figure out what to expect next. Our interviewee is Nikola Vujovic - the Sales Representative of the company for Italy and South East Europe and an experienced surfer.
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04/07/2023 10:45:58 am
Interview with Yann Nguyen, representing Takuma and its new eTow
Today we will talk with Yann Nguyen, the sales manager for The Takuma in Europe. In September the company announced and presented their brand new product - eTow. Takuma describes it as a self-controlled electric watercraft, originally created for foiling but with the possibility of its much widest application - from scuba diving to rescue operations at sea. It is a truly unique product that has never been on the market before. The first deliveries are expected at the end of January, but today we will find out about the eTow as much as possible.
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04/07/2023 12:11:12 pm
Interview with Gilo Cardoso, founder of Mako board
Gilo Cardozo is Founder and CEO of Gilo Industries Group, of which Mako Boardsports is a subsidiary. The concept of developing a jetboard is not new to Gilo, having investigated the development of a powered surfboard with an American company back in the late 90’s.
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04/07/2023 12:11:41 pm

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